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Saturday, 4 December 2010


I've been a very busy bee getting out and about at all sorts of Christmas events....real fun meeting new people and talking about my lariats!

Today was a very successful fair at Surbiton High School, tomorrow Kingston Grammar. I've got Denbies late night shopping on Monday and then a few business visits and jewellery parties coming for Christmas. Manor House and Tiffins were amazing but sent me into a panic worrying I hadn't enough stock! I had to dash to a bead shop to re-stock and get making!

Anyway, it's good to be busy! Hope to catch you at a fair!

Friday, 22 October 2010


Another fun, relaxing evening last night at a good friend of mine ....a lovely chance to catch up with people you don't usually have the opportunity to chat to day-to-day with our busy schedules. And lariats proved very popular as always - trying on with friends is always more fun when you can ask for their opinion and give yours too! Let me know if you're in Surrey and want to host - you'll be compensated for your efforts and enjoy it too!

Tuesday, 12 October 2010


We've been following the key trends for being current in the autumn and winter....here are the last few for you fashion gurus!

7. Orange

After purple, the other big colour for winter is orange, as seen at Ralph Lauren and Nina Ricci. Like purple, orange is showing up in various shades from reddy orange and apricot to copper. It's going to be a big feature on accessories as well as clothes including coats and macs, and we'll be seeing it in materials from silk and wool to synthetics.

8. Large!

The arrival of flares this summer was a precursor to the wave of large trousers we're seeing now, but the difference this season is that they're worn short, Eighties style. These also signal the end of skinnies once and for all, which will no doubt be good news for some! (Me included!) Expect to see wide trews in styles from pleated to belted to turned-up.

9. The Puffa Jacket

Ungaro and Dries Van Noten have updated the puffa jacket this season, giving it a chic, urban feel. This season's snug puffas are bright, belted and feminine – check out Zara for some examples around £100 which I’ve already been trying on! Team a puffa with ankle boots and a knee-length skirt for out about town.

10. The Cape

The cape is making an elegant, original comeback. Expect to see mini and maxi capes in a variety of colours, in buttoned or loose styles. They go perfectly with narrow skirts for ultra chic style, and also look good with narrow trousers and short skirts. They don't go with casual clothes, but if you're going smart you can't go wrong with a short black or grey cape.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010


It's sometimes amazing what you come across in the least expected places...I'm going shortly to be offering "personalised" lariats - you can request a particular message to be engraved on a beautiful lariat bead to offer a personal touch to someone special...And in the quest to offer this service, my search began for an engraver! Having "googled" engravers and amazingly found someone local (5 minutes away). Within 10 minutes of making my initial 'phone call I was at Dean's house, talking through what I had in mind, seeing his samples and agreeing how we were to proceed!...I was struck by his helpfulness as well as his ideas and what he practically could achieve for me - in a word - ANYTHING! If you want to see what he can do - his website is http://www.EngraveFast.co.uk. And if you want to ring him it's 01372 459805. He'll be happy to help!

Tuesday, 21 September 2010


Here are another 3 key trends to be aware of if you want to be "au courant"! (See previous post, 21 September for first 3!)

4. PVC - a big feature on the Givenchy catwalk this season, with both black and colours set to be massive. Limit it to just one key item. Be bold in boots for a Sixties touch, go Eighties in a bright padded jacket, or dare to bare your pins in PVC leggings and a long woolly sweater or white shirt.
5. SEQUINS – on accessories, also they’ll be seen on skirts, dresses, oversized gilets and more...
6. BACK TO SCHOOL - knee-high socks, crest-embroidered blazers, pleated skirts and argyle sweaters are ALL on display. To avoid looking like you're on your way to 6th period maths, don't wear ballet pumps or trainers with the preppy look: break it up with heels or biker boots.

Friday, 10 September 2010


There are 10 key trends this season to looking "current" and up-to-date...Here's a few! (More to follow!)
1. PURPLE bags, belts, shoes and dresses are everywhere this autumn. It's just what you need to brighten up grey and black winter staples, and it comes in every shade from lilac to mauve and from aubergine to plum. Of course you'll need matching accessories - how about this lovely, sparkly, purple lariat in gorgeous, foil lavenders and rondell crystals together with stunning gun metal hematite...double click for clearer picture?
2. CHECKS are making a huge comeback, and this autumn's key trend is Scottish tartan (it was all over at the D&G catwalk shows). From tartan coats to scarves, skirts to bags, there's no escaping it this season.
3. FUR, after making a minor impact last winter, fur is back on the scene big time this year. Authentic or synthetic fur boots, bags and clothing are going to be huge. The key piece is the gilet. Use sparingly if you don't want to look like a poacher. Combine fur with plain, dark colours: team a sleeveless gilet with flared jeans or cords.

Monday, 30 August 2010


Mornings are crisp, evenings freshening.....but cosy fire lit nights approaching ....AND we've not quite left summer behind. Go back to those carefree summer days by flicking through your photos and relax into those beach days and bright colours of summer. It's when your mind is removed from every day business that ideas flow and colours you'd never put together mingle and mix quite happily. Why is nature so clever and we can struggle to see what works?

Thursday, 22 July 2010

We All Know How This Feels!....

A lovely poem by Suzanne Cooper all beaders can identify with...

Pencil flies
Designs emerge
Choose the beads,colors to blend
I know it's here
A shade so rare

It's here somewhere,I know.
Piles of beads begin to grow
It's here somewhere,I know.I know.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

The Sublime Fresh Water Pearl Lariat

Just completed a beautiful fresh water pearl lariat - a mingling of gorgeous bluey-grey hues interspersed with irridescent shell and crystal. A real touch of luxury for those who can handle it!

Monday, 5 July 2010


Experimenting with new designs and colours for the autumn...sparkly crystals to brighten dull days and warm up winter nights, sumptuous knotted lariat belts and new style lariats with matching earrings....what colours? what styles? now's the time to say!

Tuesday, 29 June 2010


Here's my latest, spangly, sparkler for a lovely summer's evening...A lariat necklace - a necklace in the "knotted" lariat style, does up at the neck.

Friday, 25 June 2010


I was interviewed yesterday by LBC about BRIGHT STUFF, please click here to listen....

Monday, 14 June 2010

The Tapestry Lariat

This is it - a combination of gorgeous, bright, fresh greens and lovely, multicoloured tapestry beads...funky but with style! Do you like it? Let me know!

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Hi Everyone!

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Wednesday, 26 May 2010


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Friday, 14 May 2010

A Couple of Recent Lariats

I've just done a couple of lariats which are both different from each other - this one here, above, uses quite retro style pinky/beige round beads with some funky bright green leaves and hanging flowers and the other using my divine, mouth watering mulberry, though the latter looks slightly a grey shade - it is a beautiful mulberry/purple shade..mmm . Don't forget to double click to get an enlarged view to see it better.
Let me know what you think...or don't - be honest!!

Monday, 26 April 2010


Hi! I have a confession to make....I am an addict.....
but trying to keep it under control. Its a different kind of addiction from the normal ones - it doesn't harm your health, it is actually very good for your well being. What is it? Its beadaholicism. It can take a variety of forms, depending on the severity of the condition - in my case it manifests itself in the form of a compulsive desire to make stunning, brightly coloured lariats which will transform any outfit. I love seeing them take shape and seeing what works in terms of the different textures and colours. I think this is a rare condition because I have not come across lariats such as these anywhere else, as you can see on my website: www.lariats.co.uk

If you have a similar passion for anything creative - PLEASE let me know so that I feel better about this! It may be other forms of jewellery making, knitting, scrapbooking. Just tell me - I'd LOVE to know what it is about it that draws you to it and why you get excited about it.


I have decided I have a "bead" problem...I went to my local bead shop today, just to say "hello", and before I knew what, I was there, buying beads which I really didn't need, they were just so irrisistible!...Do any of you shop at Bead Time in Kingston? Let me know if you do - I'm bound to be in there!!