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Tuesday, 12 October 2010


We've been following the key trends for being current in the autumn and winter....here are the last few for you fashion gurus!

7. Orange

After purple, the other big colour for winter is orange, as seen at Ralph Lauren and Nina Ricci. Like purple, orange is showing up in various shades from reddy orange and apricot to copper. It's going to be a big feature on accessories as well as clothes including coats and macs, and we'll be seeing it in materials from silk and wool to synthetics.

8. Large!

The arrival of flares this summer was a precursor to the wave of large trousers we're seeing now, but the difference this season is that they're worn short, Eighties style. These also signal the end of skinnies once and for all, which will no doubt be good news for some! (Me included!) Expect to see wide trews in styles from pleated to belted to turned-up.

9. The Puffa Jacket

Ungaro and Dries Van Noten have updated the puffa jacket this season, giving it a chic, urban feel. This season's snug puffas are bright, belted and feminine – check out Zara for some examples around £100 which I’ve already been trying on! Team a puffa with ankle boots and a knee-length skirt for out about town.

10. The Cape

The cape is making an elegant, original comeback. Expect to see mini and maxi capes in a variety of colours, in buttoned or loose styles. They go perfectly with narrow skirts for ultra chic style, and also look good with narrow trousers and short skirts. They don't go with casual clothes, but if you're going smart you can't go wrong with a short black or grey cape.

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