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Monday, 26 April 2010


Hi! I have a confession to make....I am an addict.....
but trying to keep it under control. Its a different kind of addiction from the normal ones - it doesn't harm your health, it is actually very good for your well being. What is it? Its beadaholicism. It can take a variety of forms, depending on the severity of the condition - in my case it manifests itself in the form of a compulsive desire to make stunning, brightly coloured lariats which will transform any outfit. I love seeing them take shape and seeing what works in terms of the different textures and colours. I think this is a rare condition because I have not come across lariats such as these anywhere else, as you can see on my website: www.lariats.co.uk

If you have a similar passion for anything creative - PLEASE let me know so that I feel better about this! It may be other forms of jewellery making, knitting, scrapbooking. Just tell me - I'd LOVE to know what it is about it that draws you to it and why you get excited about it.


  1. Helen, what lovely stuff you make! If this is an addiction I wish there were more of us around - yes, I fall in this category too!

    Paula, xx

  2. Thanks Paula. There are so many, gorgeous beads that they are just irrisistible. I go through fads of being hooked on particular colours too - such as though lovely, translucent mulberries (the big spheres and ovals) you've got at Bead Time. I also got hold of some gorgeous silver coloured, coated really sparkly crystals which I think I'll mix with some solid aluminium....will do it and post it on the blog. Off to Olympia on Friday 14 to check out their jewellery stands!